Academic Excellence

Empowering students to excel

We believe academic excellence is not only determined by what a student knows, but also by who he or she is becoming as a maturing follower of Christ. We strive to achieve this by providing a rigorous, well-rounded curriculum and experience that seeks to maximize a child’s potential, ensuring our students are well prepared for high school.

Spiritual Growth

Establishing a biblical foundation

As a distinctly Christian school, we seek to help our students understand and believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ, enjoying a sincere and maturing faith. We believe that Christian faith is best nurtured when students experience the transformative impact of living in community with other like-minded students, teachers and staff, and parents.

Nurturing Community

Learning by living in community

Fostering lifelong relationships among students, parents and staff is one of our greatest distinctives. Our school community is a three-way partnership between the school, the students, and the parents. Active parent involvement plays an integral role in the success of our school community. We see ourselves as a family. We enjoy praying together, supporting one another, and celebrating what God is doing in our midst.