At West Hills Christian School, we begin with the end in mind. We are focused not only on what our students learn, but also on who they become. Our goal is to graduate students who are prepared for high school and are equipped to live purposefully and intelligently as followers of Christ. Our aim is to equip our graduates so that they:

  • Understand and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, enjoying a sincere and maturing faith.
  • Are grounded in a traditional and biblical view of reality.
  • Think logically and critically, possessing the tools to pursue a lifelong love of learning.
  • Seek to discover God’s purpose for their lives and the world and engage their community faithfully.

Luke Motschenbacher

Class of 2017, Student at Jesuit High School

Molly Rich

Class of 2006, High School English Teacher

Cully McCrosky

Class of 2006, Nike

Julia Glanz

Class of 2008, Rolling Hills Community Church

Chris McReynolds

Class of 1991, Wellsource

Denise Goffe

Class of 1970, West Hills Christian School