It really is amazing and strange that I am still so close with the friends I made when I was five.

Molly Rich

How did WHCS strengthen your faith in God?
Attending West Hills from kindergarten through eighth grade with teachers and staff that cared about not just my education, but also my faith in God, was amazing. I always knew that there were people around me who were there to talk to and to encourage me in my faith. Most of all, I am thankful for the friendships I made at West Hills. It really is amazing and strange that I am still so close with the friends I made when I was five. I believe the environment cultivated at West Hills had a ton to do with us being so close and in healthy relationship with each other.

What was one of your favorite moments at WHCS?
I don’t think I’ll ever forget going to Washington, D.C. with my eighth grade class and our parents. Even the trip over there was memorable, as we sucked a bird into our turbine and had to be dispersed among the remaining flights to D.C. Running around the different monuments and riding all over town in the bus created so many fond memories. The ability to participate in any sport I wanted was also so amazing. I was lucky to come along just after many talented female athletes, so I was able to ride the coattails of a number of really good teams.

How did WHCS prepare you for your career?
I’m now teaching high school English, and I cannot help but recognize just how much West Hills prepared me to be a solid writer. I’m currently teaching my students lessons that I still remember from my seventh grade English class at West Hills. I also learned how to relate well with others, which goes a long way in communicating with students, parents, colleagues, and administration.

How did WHCS cultivate community?
I owe so much to West Hills for the deep and lifelong friendships that I have today. Our class was very close through my time there, and those friendships continue. We genuinely liked each other and had good relationships with our teachers as well. I felt supported and known and cared about at West Hills.