Welcome to West Hills Christian School.

Whether you are searching for a school for a future kindergartner or seeking an elementary or junior high school program where students’ lives are being transformed for Christ in a challenging academic setting, we hope you will find our website to be a source of helpful information.

West Hills Christian School has been committed, since 1949, to providing an exceptional Christian education in accordance with God’s Word to several generations of Christian families in the greater Portland area. As a K-8th grade school, we partner closely with parents in educating children in order to lay the academic, spiritual, physical and social foundation that will equip our students to lifelong learning, service to God and service to their communities.

The administrative team and faculty at West Hills is comprised of seasoned educators committed to creating a learning environment where a student’s mind and heart are being challenged on a daily basis. We also believe that a distinctly Christian education is not only informative but, more importantly, transformative. Our definition of success is measured not only by what a student knows by the time they graduate but, ultimately, by what a student loves. We firmly believe that a distinctly Christian education is one that is founded upon the two greatest commands: to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength and to love our neighbors as ourselves. With God’s help, we passionately pursue our educational goals by:

  • Entrusting our students to dedicated and experienced teachers who love Christ, their students, their subjects and the love of learning.
  • Providing academic programs that deliver excellence in core subjects as well as in the performing arts, technology, foreign language and athletics.
  • Engaging an active parent community that supports the mission of the school by volunteering their time and sharing their talents.
  • Offering ample facilities, technologies, a well-resourced library, and technical resources that provide a comfortable and safe learning environment.

If you would like to learn more about us, please contact us and schedule a tour to come see our school in action.


Soo Chang,
Head of School

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