Digital Learning at West Hills Christian School

Little did we know when we started out the 2019-2020 school year that we’d be called upon to create an entirely new digital learning program to bring us through the last three months of the school year. COVID-19 has impacted the way we teach. But school at WHCS is continuing…it just looks different!

Tools of the virtual classroom:

  • Classroom-specific landing page
  • Regularly scheduled Zoom meetings with each class and their teacher
  • Landing pages for each of our Enrichment centers
  • Zoom sessions with the faculty of each Enrichment area
  • Google Classroom for our middle schoolers

Example Classroom Landing Page

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Example Classroom Schedule

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Example Enrichment Landing Page

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Stay connected to the WHCS community:

  • Weekly News, emailed each Wednesday morning, is our main source of communication.  Current families may email any questions or concerns to
  • What does our school life look like now? Check out our social media channels linked below.
  • Regular “Faculty Face Time” video messages highlight a new WHCS teacher each episode. View any you missed!