West Hills Christian School Community–

Originally, our plan was to return to campus full time in the fall for on-site learning. Based on the original guidelines, this was a solid plan. After the latest guidance from Governor Brown, however, we have had to pivot, and we are instead focusing on a robust Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) program with small cohorts meeting onsite.

When we do return to campus for small cohorts, and as we eventually transition to entirely onsite learning, we will do so with the utmost care for the safety and health of our students and staff. We will adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Oregon Department of Education every step of the way.

Our Administrative Team, our dedicated staff of nurses, members of our school community, and others spent countless hours ensuring that the guidelines can be met, not just at a minimum, but with the very best interest of our community at heart.

Once you open the document, and after the blueprint’s introductory pages, you’ll find that the blueprint is divided into left and right sides. The left-hand side contains the state requirements, while the right-hand side lists our plans to meet those requirements.