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West Hills Christian School is committed to providing an exceptional Christian education in accordance with God’s Word; we prayerfully partner with families to help students grow in their love for the Lord, to inspire lifelong learning, and to joyfully serve others for the glory of God.


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This morning our 8th graders visited Gettysburg. Here they are looking across the field at the Union’s center, specifically at the place of Pickett’s Charge, which marked the end of the Battle of Gettysburg and was also General Lee’s last invasion of the North. #worldstrides ...

This morning our 8th graders paid a visit to the home of our very first president, George Washington. Fun fact...not only was he our first president, he was also the first mule breeder, and he is credited with creating the mule stock that powered American agriculture in the South for generations. #worldstrides ...

This morning our 8th graders visited the White House on one of their many #worldstrides tour stops. Fun Fact...while many pets have resided in the White House through the years, one presidential family holds the record for not only the MOST furry (and slithery) friends, but also the MOST UNIQUE!! Among them a small bear, 5 guinea pigs, a hyena, a lizard, a pony, and plenty of others! Care to guess who this animal loving president was?! ...

Many of our 8th grade students were lucky enough to travel to Washington DC with #worldstrides The 8th graders started their day of learning and adventure at the home of Thomas Jefferson...Fun fact: in 1800 Jefferson himself valued the 43 room house at a whopping $6,300. Thanks to Miss D., calculating home value appreciation would be a piece of cake! ...

How do you show your teachers they’re appreciated? You bet Chick-fil-A will do the trick! Thank you to PFW for this very tasty lunch for our teachers and staff to kick off STApp Week!

@cfaraleighhills #staffandteacherappreciationweek #staffappreciation #lunchtreat #pfw #parentsforwesthills #christianschool #christianschoolportland #swportland

What’s that they say about birds of a feather?! Fifth grader Molly K. really showed her TROPICAL SPIRIT with this fantastically feathered frock! ...

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