Your child’s classroom is the center of his or her engagement at West Hills, and parent involvement is key to pulling off the special extras that accompany what is learned through daily curriculum.

Lending a hand in your child’s classroom is encouraged and appreciated, or in one of the Enrichment classes like Library, Computer Lab, or Science Lab. There’s no better way to get a pulse on your child’s school day!

Classrooms in the elementary grades generally have a handful of holiday parties per year that require parent coordination and on-site help.

Each class takes a number of field trips per year, many of which need chaperones and/or drivers. Many of these recurring outings have become popular favorites with the parents (see “Field Trips “).

Serving together makes a positive impact on the world around us and creates opportunities to bond as a class. Each class carries out one to two service projects a year, and parent involvement is a key aspect of these opportunities, which often take place off-campus (see “Community Service“).

Two parents in each of the K-6th grade classrooms are designated as Room Parents for the year. These representatives serve to open lines of communication between teachers and parents, facilitate the coordination of class parties and field trips, oversee recognition of staff birthdays, and create opportunities for connection to foster a spirit of community and inclusiveness at West Hills.