Mission: PFW provides an organized means through which school family members can participate in parent led events that promote school community and support school staff. 

Vision: To create parent and family community fellowship that prays with one another, bears with one another, forgives and encourages one another while supporting students and staff in their work to provide an exceptional Christian education for West Hills Christian School. (Ref. Col 3:12-15) 

Parent Participation Parent volunteers are encouraged, welcomed and wanted at WHCS.  Our school thrives when our parents are active in our program. We love to see our parents investing their time, talent, and treasure to help fulfill the mission and vision of the school.  Through PFW parents should have a means to get actively involved in school volunteerism. 

Join us for All Hands meetings in the auditorium!

See Parent Calendar for dates (available to view via RenWeb parent portal).

Email: pfw@whcs.org