West Hills is a closed campus for the safety of our students. We’ve been proactive and intentional about the security measures we have in place to protect our school community and to ensure a smooth emergency response, making us arguably one of the most secure private schools in Portland.

  • Sign-In System: Our sign-in system tracks who is on our campus throughout the day. All visitors and volunteers must sign in and out at the front desk during school hours and wear a name badge.
  • Watch D.O.G.S. Program: D.O.G.S. stands for Dads Of Great Students. Volunteer dads serve as reassuring, positive male role models. They support students at arrival, recess, and lunch, in hallways and classrooms, and on the grounds. Their presence is a huge benefit to our school.
  • Security Walk: A staff member walks the campus multiple times each day checking for anything that might be out of place.
  • Portland Police Department: We have a close working relationship with the Portland Police.
  • Emergency Drills: We regularly practice lock-down, earthquake and evacuation drills.
  • Reunification Site: In the event we need to evacuate our campus, West Hills has identified a secure location for our students to gather and parents to locate them.
  • Rapid Notify System: In the event our school must have a cancellation, a delayed start, or an early dismissal, our Rapid Notify System will alert all parents via call or text.

West Hills is staffed each school day with a registered nurse on campus. Equipped with first aid supplies and general over-the-counter medication, the nurse’s office provides triage care for students who become sick or injured during the course of the school day. The nurses at West Hills are skilled at compassionately managing the medication plans of their regular visitors, such as students requiring daily care for a chronic condition like asthma or diabetes. Our nurses also provide health education for students and staff, track immunization records, and manage response to any outbreak of communicable disease. Parents are notified whenever their child visits the nurse’s office.

Click Here to Download Immunization Rates for 2020-2021

Beyond the care our nurses provide, additional members of our staff are certified in concussion protocols, CPR and first aid.