So much more happens at West Hills beyond the classroom! We aim to provide your child with a variety of extracurricular options that will enrich his or her experience at our school, grow him or her spiritually, help encourage his or her unique gifts and talents, teach teamwork, and spur the exploration of diverse interests.

I just love how the school fosters these kids’ imaginations, and I love how my kindergartner’s curiosity is being fed.


More than just an extension of in-class study, field trips are one of the most engaging and memorable aspects of our students’ education. Closely integrated with curriculum, they amplify educational concepts, enhance educational experience and provide hands-on learning.

Examples of past field trips include:

All elementary:Theatre production at the Alpenrose Opera House
K-2nd grade:Oregon Symphony “Kinderkonzert”
1st grade:Theatre production at Oregon Children’s Theatre
2nd grade:OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry)
3rd grade:Study of water systems at Bull Run Watershed
4th grade:Oregon State Capitol visit
5th grade:Study of minerals at Rice and Rock Museum

In addition to our core curriculum, every elementary grade participates in all of the signature Enrichment courses offered at West Hills: Art, STEM Lab, Library, Music, P.E., Science Lab, and Spanish (starting in 5th grade) (see “Enrichment Classes“).

While Bible class is a central part of our classroom curriculum, our weekly chapel is an additional time set aside for collective worship, teaching, and reflection (see “Chapel”).

Inherent to our mission is developing a heart in our students to demonstrate God’s love to others. Service projects provide opportunities for children to use their God-given strengths, talents and resources to be His hands and feet to others in our community. Each class takes on one to two service projects per year, and as a whole school we hold at least one annual community drive (see “Community Service“).