West Hills Christian School’s middle school program builds on the concepts and skill sets learned in elementary school and then seeks to deepen and widen students’ critical thinking and perspective. Students are instructed by supportive teachers who sharpen their minds, guide them as they shape their identities, and grow their relationships with God and one another. The middle school years mark a transition where we observe students becoming more self-directed learners, taking on greater responsibility, and embracing more of a leadership role.

Within the middle school program, students participate in daily core subjects, regular P.E classes, twice-weekly electives (STEM, Art or Music), and weekly chapel. Intentional class sizes, high-level instruction, and thought-provoking subject matter equip students to succeed academically and transition smoothly to high school.

Highlights of our middle school program include:

  • An integrated biblical worldview in all subjects
  • Rigorous academics within a nurturing community
  • Stand-alone 6th grade with two teachers; 7th/8th grade students travel between classrooms
  • The use of technology appropriately within curriculum at a one-to-one ratio
  • Accelerated math options
  • Electives that encourage growth in STEM, music, and art
  • Annual grade-specific educational trips (Outdoor School in 6th grade, a Pacific Northwest landmark in 7th grade, Washington D.C. and New York City in 8th grade)
    Christian, compassionate, and credentialed teachers

Every child that comes here is known: known by their teachers, by the staff, and by the Enrichment faculty. They don’t just get lost in the crowd.

Staff Member