At West Hills Christian School, we are seeking not only to impart “head knowledge” of the Bible, but also to foster discipleship. We hope to establish in your child a deep understanding of the truth of the gospel in a world that is increasingly hostile toward it. We do not take for granted the ability to speak the name of Jesus freely. Our faculty and staff are passionate about helping young people develop the desire and habits to pursue a relationship with their Savior and equipping them with the tools to continually grow that relationship – far beyond their time within our walls.

Each Thursday, students gather for chapel in the auditorium for worship. Presented through Bible passages, stories, and testimony, chapels are led by faculty or special outside speakers. The assemblies are split off into K-5th and 6th-8th age groups to enable the messages to be age level appropriate, though both groups share a monthly chapel theme. Chapel is a unique time of spiritual refreshment as a school community, and parents are always welcome to attend.

West Hills empowers our kids in their faith and their relationship with Jesus.