There are three steps in the admissions process. You will find links to forms and needed information listed below. Please contact our admissions team if you have any questions.

To activate your application file, the school office must receive the following items:

A. Student Application (one per child):
Applications are accepted starting October 30th for the following school year. A student’s Enrollment Application should be submitted as soon as possible to reserve a placement spot.

B. Application Fee:
Application fee is $75.00 per child and is paid at the end of the online application.

C. Educator Recommendation (one per child):
The educator recommendation should be completed by your child’s current teacher. If your child is not enrolled in preschool or is home-schooled, the educator recommendation will be completed by the parent. This form is sent electronically to the recipient as part of the online application.

A. Entrance Exam:
All students applying to West Hills Christian School must take an entrance exam. The purpose of this test is to determine whether the students are academically prepared for the grade level for which they are applying. These test scores are not used for priority placement into West Hills Christian School.

B. Parent/Head of School Interview:
If you have not yet met our Head of School, we will schedule an interview to give you that opportunity once the above steps have been completed.

A. Openings:
Reenrollment for current families begins in late January. Therefore, we will not know the number of openings for each grade until the beginning of March.

B. Letter of Confirmation:
A confirmation letter will be sent to all applicants the first week of March to notify whether admission has been granted. Applications for students beyond the number of available openings will be placed in the waiting pool.

C. Waiting Pool:
We maintain a waiting pool, not a waiting list. Multiple factors are considered when an opening occurs and an applicant is offered placement. Among the factors are date of application and siblings who are attending or applying for entrance.

D. Late Application:
Applications received after January 31st will be taken on a first come, first served basis. All requirements listed above must still be met by each family member applying.

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Years ago, we made the decision to send our two girls to West Hills Christian School. We have never once regretted that choice. The foundation they received biblically, academically and socially in their formative years from kindergarten through eighth grade prepared them to be exceptional adults. Now, as the admissions director, it is my joy and privilege to welcome new families and students into our school community.

Laurie Becker – Director of Admissions