Of course you can write a check, but depending on your financial situation, there may be a significant incentive for you to designate your gifts to West Hills Christian School while reducing estate taxes, current income taxes, and capital gains taxes. We can help you evaluate the options and find the one best suited for your situation. Consider the following ways to give to West Hills Christian School.

Gifts may consist of appreciated marketable securities, including stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Many donors to West Hills Christian School prefer to give appreciated stock so they can support the school while taking advantage of additional tax benefits. The process is very simple.

Gifting a Stock:
Your broker may electronically transfer ownership of the stock to West Hills Christian School’s account at Quest Investment (see account information below). When you initiate an electronic transfer for a stock donation, please notify our Accounting Office or call 503-977-5505.

Please provide your broker with the following information:

Account Name: West Hills Christian School Foundation
Federal I.D. Number: 93-1303483
Account Number: 1081-8684
Transfer to: Charles Schwab
DTC: 0164, code 40
Contact: Georgina Kairouz at 503-221-0158

Thank you for authorizing your broker to release donor name information so that we may properly provide you with a tax receipt.

By gifting interests in LLCs, limited partnerships, C corporations, S corporations, or closely held corporations to West Hills Christian School, you can support the school’s mission and reduce your tax liability.

A residential property, commercial property or land may all be given, allowing the donor to take a charitable deduction for the fair market value of the real estate and to avoid any capital gains tax.

Please visit our “Gifts in Kind” page for more information regarding gifts of this nature.

Many families name West Hills Christian School as a recipient in their wills or living trusts. We offer sample bequest language for your will, as well as a series of case examples that illustrate the variety of arrangements that can benefit you, your heirs and God’s work.

By naming West Hills Christian School as an owner or primary/secondary beneficiary of a life insurance policy, donors make an irrevocable gift that will benefit the school in the future.

Any gift may be designated in honor or in memory of an individual or family.